Slip and Fall Case

Elderly woman who is legally blind slipped and fell on sidewalk ice at a place of business, while vacationing in Wisconsin Dells. The ice build-up was located in the handicap-accessible, sloped area of the sidewalk. She sustained a broken kneecap and other serious injuries to her leg. Attorney Matt DeVos obtained a settlement on her behalf prior to initiation of a lawsuit.

“I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case, and very happy with your outstanding service. Thanks again for everything.”

C.B., Pearl, Mississippi

Dog Bite Case

Young boy was violently bitten by a neighbor's dog, sustaining injuries and scarring to his dominant hand. Attorney Matt DeVos handled the case and settled with the homeowner's insurance carrier without the necessity of having to file a lawsuit.

“Matt kept us informed regarding the status and progress of the case, and I was very satisfied with Matt’s knowledge of the law and legal expertise. I would use and recommend the firm to others. Thanks again, Matt.”

J.P., Madison, WI

Falling Merchandise Case

Woman was shopping in a clothing store when a large, heavy wooden shelf fell from above, striking her on top of foot. Her foot was fractured as a result, and she sustained permanent soft-tissue foot injuries, which negatively affected her quality of life. The insurance company for the clothing store refused to offer a fair settlement offer, and she was forced to hire a lawyer. Attorney Matt DeVos filed a lawsuit on her behalf, and the case was settled before trial.

“Matt showed concern about the accident and the impact it had on my daily life. Before I hired your firm, the settlement offer was a very insignificant amount and it seemed that [the defendant] was not taking my case very seriously. Matt worked very hard and I felt from day one very comfortable and confident that my case was in good hands. I was very happy with your services and I thank you for handling the case as you did.”

S.R., Madison, WI

Horse Accident Case

Woman was horseback riding at a resort while vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells area, when a golf ball from a nearby golf course came crashing through nearby trees, spooking the horse she was riding, causing her to fall and sustain serious injuries. She suffered a massive orbital blowout fracture to her eye socket and is permanently scarred as a result. She will also have permanent problems with double-vision to her eye, and damage to her sinus cavity resulting in chronic sinusitis. Attorney Matt DeVos pursued injury claims against both the horse stable and the golf course for the dangerous co-mingling of these two activities. A settlement was reached prior to the filing of a lawsuit.

“I was absolutely satisfied with your knowledge of the law and legal expertise. The advice given and the shared knowledge of all the staff-as well as the hope-saw us through to the end and a nice settlement. Thank you.”

L.L., Sterling, IL

Wrongful Termination Settlement

Professor at a local college was terminated without proper notice as required by the terms of his employment contract. The firm promptly achieved a monetary settlement.

“Thank you for all of your help. You were helpful and supportive to a fault. I would be happy to recommend the firm to anyone.”

M.O., Chester, MA

Auto Accident Settlement

Man's vehicle was T-Boned at a controlled intersection when a negligent driver failed to yield the right-of-way, resulting in a violent collision and injuries, including a broken leg, along with neck and back injuries. Matt DeVos was hired and achieved a prompt settlement with the negligent driver's insurance company.

Matt did a great job! If I need an attorney in the future, you will be the first one I call.”

D.P., Stoughton, WI

Pharmacy Negligence Settlement

Elderly woman was prescribed coumadin as anti-coagulation therapy for problems with blood clots, and directed to take 1mg pills four times daily. Pharmacy negligently filled the prescription by giving her 10mg pills, and mis-labeled the bottle. She thereby overdosed on coumadin and had to be rushed to hospital to save her life. Thereafter, she suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder and received therapy. Attorney Matt DeVos represented her and a settlement was achieved during mediation.

“I was extremely satisfied with the legal advice given to me by Attorney DeVos. I would recommend you any time. Thank you very much.”

V.B., Monona, WI

Trip and Fall

Woman was injured when she stepped and fell into a hole in the ground that was created from a telephone pole being removed. The hole was not properly filled and sod had been placed over the top, covering the hole. She sustained low back and leg injuries. After an unreasonably low settlement offer was made, a lawsuit was filed on her behalf. The case settled shortly before trial.

“I had a very positive experience working with Matt and Abbie. They were all very good at returning calls and supplying information. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend this firm to others.”

D.Z. Baraboo, WI

Auto Accident Settlement

Man was rear-ended by a negligent driver and sustained whiplash-type injuries. Settlement was obtained without the need of filing a lawsuit.

“I received updates on the progress of my case via letters, received answers to all my emails, and could call any time. I felt relaxed and confident in that atmosphere and I am thankful for your prompt and professional help in my case.”

M.A., Madison, WI

Auto Accident Settlement

Young woman was rear-ended on the interstate freeway by a semi-truck & trailer, sustaining neck and back injuries. A prompt settlement was obtained pre-lawsuit.

I thought it would take forever to get a settlement, but it was a much shorter waiting time than I had expected! Thank you Matt, you did a great job!

T.R. New Lisbon, WI

Obstacle Course Injury

Woman sustained serious injuries to her leg, requiring multiple surgeries, due to the negligent construction of a water slide in a well-known obstacle course race event. The event promoter denied her claim, citing to her signature on a liability waiver form. A lawsuit was then filed and Attorney Matt DeVos successfully invalidated the waiver form. The case settled shortly thereafter.

“Thank you for all of your hard work on my case. It was long and I felt like giving up several times, but thank you for never giving up! I could not be happier with the result and you were such a pleasure to work with. I cannot thank you enough.view my contract was so worth it.”

N.K., Janesville, WI

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